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Jungle Sense: 5 Travel Tips To Learn From Nature

The talk of the town is that travelling is the way to go—digital nomads, bloggers and photographers, anything that gets you out and about in the world, experiencing, adventuring living—is the best gig around.



In my mind, there’s nothing better than pure experience, plain and simple. But the next best thing isn’t a bunch of books about getting ahead in a world that has yet to form the rules, it’s about getting the goods from another source...one a little closer to home...

Insert: the Animal Kingdom. Between the tiny mice in the fields to the great big elephants roaming the grasslands, there’s things to be learned to make your professional exploits from blogging to photography go smoother, better, and to capture the moments that no one else can get. Because if you’re taking on the nomad AND the digital world, it’s got to be the best of the best. So take a hint out of my playbook, which came straight from the wild, wild, world.

Learn To Carry.

Turtles and tortoises bring their A game everyday. Why? Because they take their essentials on their backs, and never pack more than they can carry. This is important in the animal world as it is in the backpacker world; you’re never going to get anywhere if you’re always after a piece of baggage that’s just a little too much. Take after the turtle, and never pack more than you can carry, or the bare necessities, to get through your adventures—it’s not only lighter but it’s better for a quick escape. And you never know when those are going to hit.

Learn To Blend.

Camouflage is the animal kingdom's best kept secret—except we all know about it so why is it such a secret? Because even though we know about it, it’s just that good[/i].

For travellers on the road, it’s great to be able to walk among the locals undetected, getting the best shots, the best eats, the best skylines, the best everything, because you’ve become a fly on the wall, an invisible witness to the beautiful places and culture around you, and by blending in, you get to look at things that may have never been captured before. Being a traveller means that you are experiencing the world, but reporting back to the everyday reality? That means getting something they can’t get anywhere else. So do your research before heading out, really great research, and learn the tricks of the trade for never getting noticed, even when you stick out like a sore thumb.

Learn To Lead.

There’s no two ways about it, the alpha gets the best of everything. Be it wolves, lions, bison, what have you, the alpha is large and definitely, 100 percent, in charge.

The alpha characteristic is not new to anyone, we all know exactly how a main man (or woman!) acts—it’s about confidence, taking charge, not letting anyone get the better of you, and maintaining strength, be it mental or physical or both, throughout the everyday. When you’re on the road, these kind of lessons are even more important to remember simply because they are that: simple. It takes a little buck up courage and a certain swagger, but the alpha is the role each of us was born to play, even if the feeling is buried really deep down. Striking out on your own into freelance is, in and of itself, a brave step forward, and alpha will surely soon follow.

Learn To Scavenge.

Being the kind of person who will take the world at face value can save one a lot of trouble, but that’s not the best way to see the world and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. So instead of settling, learn the beauty of going after a surprise, or anything you can sink your teeth into, because that’s where the adventure is.

Take it from the hyenas, almost left for scraps when it comes to the animal kingdom, and certainly not the highest on anyone’s favorite list of animals. But in the savanna, the hyena is a master of taking life’s possibilities and bending them to it’s will, whether it be a wildebeest for dinner or a lion cub. To get the best out of travel, to sniff out the bars that no one’s been to or the paths that no one’s walked, you’ve got to stop being placated by what’s in your face and start looking for the possibilities. That’s where you’ll find inspiration, and where you’ll find the heart of life.

Learn To Risk.

To learn the history of humanity you have to go back to a couple thousand years, and you have to start with monkeys, something similar, but not, in fact, human. Why is this important, this tidbit of evolutionary history that everyone already knows? Because it proves something else that everyone knows deep down...that the human race, and each person individually, is capable of amazing possibilities, and they all begin with a little word called risk.

Evolutionary theory says that adapting creatures are the ones that survive, ones that find a means to an end; that’s what you want most on your trip, the best sense of finding a means to an end, and that’s not just one kind of animal to look after and learn, that’s an inner journey to find the necessary elements inside yourself. So go on, give a hard look, and get to making the best of what you’ve got—it’s the only way to survive.

Between getting great shots or making sure you’re up and ready for a killer sunrise, there’s always tips of the trade ready to be taken from the wild, and you know they’re tried and true if they exist out there; the great wide wonder isn’t out for play. So get your figurative camo, all the supplies, and your alpha attitude—it’s a sure way to come out on top.

Until next time...[i]bon voyage!

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